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Kaggle is a website that hosts online data science competitions. The goal of this competition is to identify consumers who are most interested in a direct mail offer from Springleaf. Participants mine anonymized customer information. For a full description click here.

I finished 445 out of 2225 participants. This was good for a “Top 25%” honor from Kaggle. In this competition I experimented with a few different machine learning algorithms. I found the gradient boosting to be the best.

I used the XGBoost R library and spent some time finding the best hyperparameters. The methodology I used was Random Search. I was convinced to use Random Search over Grid Search by this blog post on medium.

I separated the Kaggle training set into a smaller training set and a validation set. This ensured my results wouldn’t overfit to the public leaderboard. In the end my final submission position was one place better than my public leadboard position.

The code for my best submission can be found at my github here.